YAE Scissor

A unique multipurpose instrument, available in two sizes, designed with Dr Yae of the
YAE Eye Clinic in Japan.

These versatile scissors, which can be used for Iris and Anterior Chamber surgery,
have a lightweight titanium handle with smooth actuation and a 23G curved shaft,
which can be inserted through a 1mm side port incision.


To enlarge a small pupil by cutting the Iris margin.
Can approach the 360° iris through two side port incisions.

Anterior Chamber
To cut the Capsulorhexis margin before expanding a small CCC.
For the recovery of Anterior Capsular tear.
To make an incision in the edge of shrunk Capsulorhexis.

To sever the Vitreous strand at Pupillary margin.


• 23G outside diameter shaft
• 3mm blade
• 24mm long curved shaft
• 112mm handle length
• 23G outside diameter shaft
• 2.5mm blade
• 15mm long curved shaft
• 100mm handle length
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