Model 9G-1CF60


Square Edge Design

The 9G-1CF60 IntraOcular lens is an acrylic implant designed to be placed inside the capsular bag substituting the crystalline lens. 


Very low trend to protein deposits.
Hydrogel material with excellent tensor resistance.
Designed to prevent opacification of the capsule's anterior chamber.
Unfolds inside the eye in a slow and controlled way,
  which is a great advantage compared to silicone lenses.
UV filter with excellent optical qualities.
Single-piece configuration which enables perfect placement and
  maximun stability.

Suitable for replacing the crystalline lens in the surgical correction of aphakia

Technical Specification
Optic-Design: Biconvex
Optic: 6,0 mm
Length: 12,5 mm
Haptics: Modified C
Power: -10 / +40 incr. 1D
+12 / +25 incr. 0,5D
Refractive Index 20°C wet: 1.462 ± 0.002
Refractive Index 35°C wet: 1.462 ± 0.002
Refractive Index 20°C dry: 1.509 ± 0.002
Refractive Index 35°C dry:               1.509 ± 0.002
A Constant (estimated): Opt:118     US:117,3
TACD (estimated): 4,56
Material Hydrophil

Your Guarantee:
9Glens® Medical Ltd lenses are manufactured using a biocompatible acrylic hydrophilic copolymer material (HEMA) with an UV filter incorporated.

This material offers properties of increased foldability, which enables the lens to be inserted through a small incision, which thereby eliminates any risk of astigmatism and provides fast and stable post-op recovery of sight.

9Glens® Medical Ltd intraocular lenses unfold in the eye in a slow and controlled way.

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