Vitreoretinal instruments are realitvely delicate and it is vital that care
         is taken when cleaning and sterilising them.

         As a result we have developed the 9G-720ss Flushing Tool which will
         enable staff to clean the instrument either manually or by other means,
         prior to sterilising.

         Also for use on Microscissors and Micro Capsulorhexis forceps from
         the Anterior Range.

9G Flushing Equipment – Instructin for use
Step 1:
Remove cap from flushing Instrument.
Step 2:
Fit Delrin cap to Nose of Flushing Instrument.
Step 3:
Close the handle & fit to the Delrin cap and nose cone of the Flushing Instrument.
Push in firmly until the handle comes to a stop.
Step 4:
Release the arm of the handle so that it becomes fully open.
This allows the flushing medium to pass through the instrument.
Step 5:
Replace the barrel of the Flushing Instrument and ensure it is tightly closed.
Step 6:
For Manual Cleaning fit the syringe with the flushing medium to the Luer Lock of the Flushing Equipment securely and flush instrument.
Apply continuous pressure to the syringe until water exits the tip.
Step 7:
For Automated Dishwasher cleaning fit the Flushing Equipment directly to the Luer Lock in the dishwasher, Run cycle in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.
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